Site Prep and Grading Contractors in Iowa

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Site Prep and Grading in Iowa

Site Prep and Grading Iowa

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No matter what it is, a project typically can’t begin until site prep has been conducted. With years of experience operating our diverse fleet of equipment, Strutzenberg Farm Drainage & Excavating has the site prep solutions that will prepare your site for whatever it is you need.

Iowa site prep and grading Services

Site Prep

A significant aspect of site prep is getting the ground ready for construction. This includes measuring soil qualities, bringing land to grade, and compacting the soil for a solid, level ground that won’t fold under the pressure and weight of a construction project, avoiding any surprises down the line.
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Scraper Operations

Our expert team utilizes cutting-edge technology and precision machinery to efficiently remove unwanted debris, level the terrain, and optimize site conditions. With our scraper operations, your construction projects will experience enhanced productivity, reduced costs, and faster turnaround times, ensuring successful and seamless outcomes every time.
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Ground Compaction

When preparing to lay a foundation for a building project, we often have to provide stable ground by compacting the soil around a building site. Soil compaction removes any unwanted pockets of air in the soil, providing solid ground to build your foundation.

Grading Iowa

Grade Control Technologies

Strutzenberg Farm Drainage & Excavating cares about quality work the first time around. That’s why we use cutting-edge technologies to help us provide you with our grading solutions with precision and accuracy, all in an efficient and timely manner.
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Clear Your Site With Our Demolition Services

Rid your site of unwanted buildings or trees with our demolition services and get your project ready to start.

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