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Strutzenberg Farm Drainage and Excavating in Iowa

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Strutzenberg Farm Drainage and Excavating is dedicated to transforming your fields to grow more and grow better. Everyday we put our extensive experience and knowledge in construction and farming to focus on drainage tile installation and other farm-focused services that provide the solutions you need to make the most out of your farm.

Farm Drainage and Excavation in Iowa

What is Tile Drainage?

Drainage tile is an essential part of maintaining desirable soil conditions in your fields. The process includes excavating a trench and installing perforated pipes about three feet under your soil which will collect excess water and route it away from your fields. This prevents your fields from becoming oversaturated and waterlogged which can be detrimental to the health and quality of your crops.

The Benefits of Drainage Tile Installation

A Healthier Environment

Without drainage tile, your fields can become oversaturated, resulting in run-off that causes soil erosion and the loss of plant nutrients, fertilizer and other chemicals that you don’t want polluting nearby waterways.

Higher Yields

For your crops to thrive, they need suitable soil conditions and moisture levels. WIth a tile drainage system, excess water won’t soak your soil, giving your crops the right amount of water to flourish.

Disease Protection

Many plant pathogens thrive in waterlogged soils. Improved drainage can reduce the incidence of diseases such as root rot and other fungi that can devastate your crops.

Improved Soil Structure

Oversaturation can lead to soil compaction which can negatively impact root growth. Tile drainage will help properly drain your fields of excess water, keeping your soil friable and allowing for better root penetration.

Strutzenberg Farm Drainage and Excavating


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We know farming, and we know the problems that many farmers face out in the field. Let us solve them with our suite of construction and drainage tile solutions.

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Strutzenberg Farm Drainage and Excavating

Modern Solutions For Age-Old Problems

Farming is one of mankind’s oldest professions, and the practices passed down from generation to generation are still in use today. But with modern technologies, we can take your operations one step further to provide accurate services that maximize efficiency and bolster your yields.

To best suit your needs, Strutzenberg Farm Drainage and Excavating utilizes cutting-edge technologies and software that allows us to plan and execute our drainage tile installation and excavation solutions to help you grow more and grow better.

To Solve Your Problems, We Use:

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Transform your fields and get the most out of your farm with Strutzenberg Farm Drainage and Excavating. We have the solutions for you.