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Who We Are

Strutzenberg Farm Drainage & Excavating knows firsthand the trials and tribulations of farm life. Growing up on the prairies and plains of northwestern Iowa, we’ve come to understand that a farm is only as strong as the community that surrounds it.

We’ve lent our hands our whole lives to our neighbors and fellow farmers to get seeds planted and crops harvested and have offered our hard work to create impactful results. Community support has become so ingrained in who we are that we modeled our entire business over it. At the end of the day, we’re farmers helping farmers.

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Who We Serve

Strutzenberg Farm Drainage & Excavating serves the many rural farming communities across northwestern and north central and as far as the eye can see across the Iowan prairie.

The Benefits of Drainage Tiling

What We Do

Strutzenberg Farm Drainage & Excavating has many services to offer our customers. We specialize in two main areas that have become essential for both farming and new building construction projects: tile drainage and excavation.

Environment Protection

Fields that lack drainage tiles can become oversaturated, leading to soil erosion and the loss of plant nutrients, fertilizer, and other chemicals that can pollute nearby waters.

Higher Yields

During the growing season, your crops require ideal soil conditions and moisture levels to thrive. A tile drainage system maintains the right amount of moisture for your crops by removing excess water, promoting healthier growth, and a robust harvest.

Disease Prevention

A waterlogged soil can be a breeding ground for various plant pathogens. Improved drainage can reduce the risk of diseases such as root rot and other fungi destroying your crops.

Better Soil Structure

By draining your fields of excess water, tile drainage keeps your soil friable and allows better root penetration by reducing soil compaction.

Drainage Company Manson

Our Services

Strutzenberg Farm Drainage & Excavating has many services to offer our customers, specializing in two main areas that have become essential for both farming and new building construction projects: drainage systems and excavation.
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Drain Tile Sollutions

Installing a drain tile system will change how you operate your farm and how much you harvest from it. Our tile drain systems will help your fields in more ways than one, including improved access to your fields after heavy rain, less soil compaction, and reduced erosion from runoff—conditions that result in better environments for your crops to thrive in.
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Site Prep and GRading

Strutzenberg Farm Drainage & Excavating has a diverse fleet of equipment and heavy machinery to take on any project, from full-service site prep to grading and excavation. No matter the job’s size, we’ll transform your property so you can get the most out of it.
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Struzenberg Farm Drainage and Excavation FAQs

Farm drainage involves the installation of tile drainage systems to manage excess water in fields, enhancing soil health, preventing water-logging, and increasing crop yields.
We believe in the strength of community. Our business model is built on the foundation of farmers helping farmers, and we strive to offer cost-effective, reliable drainage solutions to support agricultural success.
Yes, in addition to farm drainage, we provide excavation services, including site preparation, grading, and land clearing, to meet a wide range of agricultural and construction needs.
Absolutely. Whether you have a small family farm or manage a large agricultural operation, we have the expertise and equipment to tackle farm drainage projects of any scale.
The project duration varies based on the size and complexity of your farm, but our experienced team works efficiently to complete projects in a timely manner.
Yes, we prioritize environmental responsibility. Our drainage solutions are designed to improve soil health and minimize the environmental impact of excess water runoff.
We proudly serve farms and agricultural communities in northwestern Iowa and surrounding regions. Please contact us to inquire about our service area.

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