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If You Need It Gone, We’ll Make It Disappear

Many farms and properties across rural Iowa possess old, unused buildings, like barns and corncribs. Once upon a time, these buildings boasted structural integrity and usefulness but have since become unused, run-down, and get in your way of realizing the full potential of your farm or property. Whatever it is, bring it down safely and efficiently with Strutzenberg Farm Drainage & Excavating.

Our experienced operators and extensive fleet of equipment can free up that valuable space on your farm or property. Don’t let unwanted buildings, barns, houses, sheds, or trees take up space that could be better used. If you need it gone, we’ll make it disappear.

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Using The Best Equipment For The Job

Strutzenberg Farm Drainage & Excavating has an expansive fleet of specialized heavy equipment that can make any demolition job safe and efficient. From demolition to clean up and hauling it away, after we’re done, you’d never know it was there, to begin with.
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Bulldozers pack a punch that makes any demolition job a breeze. Our dozer can take on single-story homes from the roof down, topple concrete walls, and haul away the heaviest and largest rubble materials to clean up your site.
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These small, nibble machines might not be able to take down a house or barn but are excellent for a speedy post-demolition clean-up. We’ll bring your buildings down and use our skid steer to make it seem like it was never there.

Long Reach Excavator

Our long-reach excavator is perfect for the biggest of jobs. Extending up to 60 feet, we can bring down any behemoth without imposing any safety concerns for you or our team.